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About us

We are a young dynamic company producing with love for sports based on sublimation sportswear and fun products. However, we are definitely not new to this field. At our mature age, we decided to use our many years of experience and "tailor our own company" so that we could produce quality products and thus contribute to customer satisfaction. We follow the motto "nothing ends with the first order, on the contrary, everything begins". We want to create a new friendly dimension between the manufacturer and the customer with our categorical imperatives in the field of quality, delivery dates and customer care. We do not intend to promise our customer everything impossible just to win the contract. We want to convince our companies with our professionalism and transparency about the benefits of choosing a contract. We are athletes who play fair play and we believe that our customer will be able to get to know our philosophy better. Our driving force is satisfied - a long-term customer and an effort to create new innovations and thus differentiate ourselves from our "rivals". We are also proud of the fact that we can continue the long tradition of textile production in Svitavy and use the art of Svitavy seamstresses and experts from the textile industry. We look forward to contacting and cooperating with you.